12 January 2009

Ethernet AV and G.hn

Only a few weeks after G.hn received consent, it looks like other standards are starting to take into consideration interoperability with G.hn. This story on EE Times on Ethernet AVB (802.1BA - Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Systems) already mentions G.hn/G.9960 as one of the Layer-2 technologies that will be supported by 802.1BA:
Calling Ethernet AVB "Layer 2 technology-agnostic," he said, "This is not all about Ethernet. We've developed this to guarantee time-sensitive services regardless of which Layer 2 (L2) technology is used, as long as the particular L2 net implements the AVB interfaces."

In sum, the Ethernet AVB task group hopes to bring common traffic-shaping and reservation protocol features into both WiFi (i.e. 802.11e) and non-802.11 devices (such as Multimedia over Coax Alliance -- MoCA, and ITU-T G.9960) expected to be used in multiple standards-based home networks.

Chano Gomez